My wife and I had tried abrasive whitening toothpastes, whitening strips, and eventually I even tried the treatment at the dentist office where they use a combination of chemicals and UV light. The toothpastes didn’t seem to have any effect, and the whitening strips were a cumbersome process that has all sorts of warnings on the packaging not to swallow the chemicals; but with how long your’e supposed to keep the strips on your teeth, it’s impossible not to. In addition to them also not having much of an effect, I also wondered what damage we were doing to our bodies by swallowing chemicals for several minutes a day for two weeks at a time. Then when I finally tried the dental treatment…

…the experience was terrible; not only did it cost several hundred dollars; but I had to stop the treatment before they were finished because I felt like my teeth were going to break. It took days for my teeth to go back to feeling normal.

And to top it all off?

The results were about on par with the whitening strips: minimal.

My wife has had sensitive teeth for years and had to use special sensitive toothpaste or else she would have pain throughout the day every time she ate or drank anything that was even slightly cool or slightly warm — which, as you’re probably thinking, is practically everything.

The idea for Smart Ash was born out of years of frustration with other teeth whitening methods. After spending countless hours researching, we discovered that traditional whitening products are terrible for your teeth, and the effects these treatments have on the color of your teeth are temporary (a recent study found that over half of the color change from professional whitening is lost within 7 days). But even though the whitening effect of those products is half gone in the first week, the negative effects on your enamel can be long lasting, and even permanent. Once we started having kids, we really invested our time into learning about natural alternatives that would be more effective and have no risks or side effects. After researching hundreds of ingredients and testing dozens, we found 100% natural and organic ingredients that do exactly what we were hoping for.

Our teeth are now the whitest they can naturally be, my wife no longer has sensitive teeth issues and our children have beautiful cavity free smiles.