The Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Smart Ash safe for my enamel?

Smart Ash has been lab tested to show low-abrasiveness. Using the FDA scale for relative dental abrasivity, Smart Ash scored 116. The FDA recommends anything under 200 to be safe.

Q. How often should I use Smart Ash?

We recommend using it twice a day for the first week or two when you receive your first jar. After you feel like your teeth have reached their whitest, continue using in the evenings. Some people use it every day, while others use it every few days. One jar should last you about 6 months even if you do choose to use it nearly every day.

Q. Can I use Smart Ash in place of toothpaste?

Smart Ash can be used as a toothpaste replacement or be used along with toothpaste. It all depends on your preference!

Q. Is Smart Ash Safe for kids?

Yes! It’s all natural, organic, non-abrasive, and safe to swallow. We would suggest helping out the younger ones so they don’t get it on their clothes!