What is Smart Ash made of?


Wildcrafted Activated Coconut Shell Charcoal

Activated coconut shell charcoal whitens your teeth by pulling out the stains. It polishes and removes toxins and boosts your natural immunity.

We use the most effective activated charcoal available.

The best water purifiers in the world remove all of the impurities from your water by using activated charcoal filters; and we use a higher grade of activated charcoal than those purifiers.




All Natural Calcium Bentonite Clay

We searched until we found the absolute premier pharmaceutical grade clay that the world’s finest spas use for detoxifying and cleansing. It has a magnetic charge that adsorbs toxins and eliminates them.

Yes — “adsorbs.”  With a “d.”  Instead of absorbing toxins similar to how sponge absorbs water, bentonite clay works more like a magnet.  This is called “adsorption.”  Bentonite clay carries a negative charges on its surface and the edges, and positively charged toxins are attracted to the bentonite like millions of powerful tiny magnets.  The toxins then bond to the clay, and are carried out of your mouth in the small spaces that are created when the clay is wet.

So instead of abrasively scrubbing on your teeth and gums, it gently pulls the toxins out while the trace minerals contained in the clay simultaneously help strengthen and remineralize your teeth.

Calcium bentonite clay has been used for thousands of years, dating back to early Native American healers, Egyptians, Greeks, and beyond.



Certified Organic Mint

Mint eliminates bad breath and soothes your teeth and gums while simultaneously reversing sensitivity and pain you may be experiencing.  It also helps naturally whiten teeth.

Mint was used in early versions of toothpaste, and for whitening teeth in the 14th century.  Prior to that, mint was even used by the Romans.

Aqueducts, dams, bridges, indoor plumbing, amphitheaters and even teeth whitening.  Those Romans had it figured out back in the day, didn’t they?




Certified Organic Orange Peel

Orange peel contains an essential oil called d-limonene, which provides extra whitening by removing stains.  It also helps inhibit the development of future stains.

Orange peel has natural cleansing, anti inflammatory, anti bacterial and anti fungal properties.

Oranges are notorious for having pesticides that exceed dangerous levels.  That is why we only use orange peel from certified organic oranges.  We originally created Smart Ash for our own family to use, and I don’t want to feed my children hazardous chemicals. We don’t want your family to be exposed to that, either!


Certified Organic Frankincense

Frankincense has been used to support oral health for thousands of years.

It strengthens teeth and gums and has been used to fight bad breath, toothaches, cavities, mouth sores and more.

Frankincense comes from Boswellia trees; but there are multiple types and grades of frankincense available.  We use the most rare and treasured frankincense, which is certified organic maydi.  Maydi frankincense only grows in one place on earth in spite of attempts having been made to try and grow in other areas.  Up until now, this type of frankincense hasn’t been available in the United States and Europe; but we are excited to now be able to use it in Smart Ash!

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