How to use Smart Ash

Smart Ash is a dark black powder, so be very careful when opening the jar! You don't want to spill it out or get it on your clothing.  Keep the jar level when twisting off the top 🙂  Got it?  Good.  Let's move on.

  1. Wet your toothbrush and dip the bristles into the jar so that a thin layer just covers the top of the bristles. You don’t need much; a little goes a long way!
    1. Brush Smart Ashtm onto your teeth and gently brush for two minutes. Fully cover all areas while being careful to keep your mouth closed while brushing so you minimize any possibility of making a mess. You’ll look like a pirate… or that witch doctor lady from the Pirates of the Caribbean movie, which is just bonus fun in our book. Which brings me to the next part (optional): Practice your best “AARGH!” and go scare the children. Don’t have children of your own? No problem. Walk outside and scare the neighbor children. I digress.
    2. Use water (or your own toothpaste) to brush again and remove any remaining residue
    3. Just kidding, there is no #4. Nothing left now but to enjoy your new whiter smile and fantastic "dentist clean" feeling!

    Helpful Tips & Tricks:

      • There is no need to scrub very hard because Smart Ash is not abrasive; it actually pulls the stains and toxins out of your mouth and teeth rather than you scrubbing them off.
      • When you spit it out, do so close to drain. And by “spit,” I mean don’t spit. I mean let gravity transport it from your mouth to the drain. Have I said “spit” too many times, now? Yes, definitely too many times. Perhaps I should have used a fancier word… a word like “expectorate.” Too late now, I’m leaving it.
      • Afraid you the kids are going to make a mess?  Have them brush in the shower or bathtub. Problem solved.

    "Wow, that's a lot of words and stuff.  Can you show me a summary of the instructions using fun little pictures, instead?"

    Sure.  Here you go: